Saturday August 27, 2016 – 8:30am
Annual Membership Meeting
Lakeview Elementary School

8:30a Opening remarks – Rich Charts, Chairman

         Call to Order

         Approval of 2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

 8:45   Review by commissioners:

          Chemical – Ernie Roy

          Weed Harvesting –  Larry Brady

          Bog Removal  – Rich Charts

          Equipment –  Chuck Chamberlain

          Financials – Brad Corson

      Audit Report – Dominick Fashoda

10:00  Introduction of candidates followed by voting: Chuck Chamberlain (3 year term)

10:05  Presentations on Lake Initiatives

          Wildlife Management – Dave Cleven

          Lake Quality – Tom Ganfield

          Rice Lake initiatives – Terry Anderson

          Lake Safety – Larry Brady

      Safety Patrol – Shawn Blanton

          Fish Management – Tom Potrykus

     Carp initiatives Ray Baker

          Shoreland Management – Theresa and Gerhard Stegmann

11:00  Input from Towns of Richmond and Whitewater

11:15  Election results

11:20  Open Discussion/Resident Input

11:30  Adjournment

11:50  District Board Meeting